30 Easy Air Fryer Recipes

April 22, 2019Kristy
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Get ready to win with the Air Fryer and these 30 Easy Air Fryer Recipes!

I am in love with my air fryer.  That would be a very true story.  So much so that I created this website devoted to only Air Fryer Recipes.

air fryer honey garlic chicken

I thought I’d start out with a nice round up of recipes so that all those tasty recipes are in one spot and easy to navigate! 

Which Air Fryer Should I Purchase?

Haven’t purchased an Air Fryer yet? Be sure to check out this post, How to Choose the Right Air Fryer, before you purchase.

It’ll give you some great tips on things to look for when making that purchase.

go wise air fryer

I currently have a 3.7L Midea Air Fryer, it’s very similar to this FrenchMay Air Fryer that is on Amazon.  It’s perfect for a family of 4; however, I’d actually love to get a bigger one. If you are just now purchasing one, be sure to keep in mind the size you may need.

Most recipes I do serve 6, which means I usually do two rounds of cooking in the Air Fryer to cook all that I have for dinner.  Not always but many times I do.

As soon as I got the Air Fryer though, I was immediately stumped as to what to make in it.  Then, I realized that you can literally do just about everything in it.  I mean you can cook whole chickens, stir fry, breakfast meals, even donuts in it!

What Air Fryer Should you Buy?

The sky is seriously the limit and then some with an Air Fryer.

There are so many great recipes out there, I’m anxious to try more too.

air fryer chicken fried rice

I am now using the Ninja Foodi Air Fryer.  I can tell you that it is unbelievably amazing!  It is basically a pressure cooker, slow cooker, oven, and air fryer all in one! I rarely use my actual oven anymore.

Are you ready to get started with your Air Fryer?

30 Easy Air Fryer Recipes

air fryer sesame chicken

Air Fryer Sesame Chicken

Air Fryer Stuffed Peppers

Air Fryer Honey Garlic Shrimp

Air Fryer Honey Garlic Chicken

Air Fryer Tacos

air fryer plate nachos

Air Fryer Plate Nachos

Air Fryer Chicken Parmesan 

Air Fried Chicken

Cajun Shrimp Boil in the Air Fryer

Air Fryer Garlic Bread Pizza Toast

air fryer korean bbq beef

Air Fryer Chicken Teriyaki Bowls

Air Fryer Baked Potatoes

Air Fryer Korean BBQ Beef

Air Fryer Cheesy Beef Enchiladas

Air Fryer Crispy Chicken Nuggets

air fryer baked potatoes

Air Fryer Chicken Fried Rice

Air Fryer Bratwurst and Vegetables

Air Fryer Chicken Wings

Air Fryer Ranch Breaded Pork Chops

Air Fryer Sausage Breakfast Casserole

air fryer squash

Air Fryer Bacon

Air Fryer Seasoned Asparagus

Air Fryer Fried Pickles

Air Fryer Hush Puppies

Air Fryer Sausage, Beans, and Potato Hash

air fryer onion rings

Air Fryer Onion Rings

Air Fryer Fried Zucchini & Squash

Air Fryer Potato Chips

Air Fryer Roasted Potatoes

Air Fryer Brussels Sprouts


air fryer recipes

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