• Easy Air Fryer Donuts with Biscuits

    April 23, 2020Kristy

    Make some tasty Easy Air Fryer Donuts with Biscuits in mere minutes! Are you ready for a great little treat?  These Easy Air Fryer Donuts are fabulously made with biscuits.  These are actually great for the kids to get involved and help you make too. They are so simple and easy to customize some of…

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  • Easy Crispy Bacon in the Air Fryer

    April 20, 2020Kristy

    Learn exactly how to make crispy bacon in an air fryer, and then enjoy air fryer bacon   One of my favorite things to make in the air fryer is bacon. That’s right, Air Fryer Bacon is at the top of my list. The real question is… How do you make Bacon in an Air…

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  • Air Fryer Bratwurst and Vegetables

    April 13, 2020Kristy

    Make a delicious dinner using the Air Fryer with these Air Fryer Bratwurst and Vegetables. Each new recipe I try in the Air Fryer quickly becomes the new favorite. I thought that Honey Garlic Chicken was my favorite, but I think these Air Fryer Bratwurst and Vegetables are certainly at the top of the favorite…

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  • Easy Air Fryer Tacos

    April 9, 2020Kristy

    Air Fryer Tacos are the PERFECT choice for Taco Night.  These tacos are so warm and crispy, you’ll never go back to traditional tacos. These are similar to doing Oven Baked Tacos; however, if you use the air fryer it’s going to give them a much more crispy taste.  They tasted more like restaurant style…

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  • Air Fryer Lemon Pepper Fried Chicken

    April 6, 2020Kristy

    Make the best Air Fryer Lemon Pepper Fried Chicken, that’s also easy to make gluten-free without oil right in the air fryer. One of the best things to make in your air fryer is Air Fried Chicken, is absolutely perfect and you will not miss that deep-fried chicken one bit.  This Air Fryer Lemon Pepper…

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