• Air Fryer Teriyaki Chicken Legs (Gluten-Free)

    March 30, 2020Kristy

    An easy frugal meal that’s a little bit sticky but very tasty, Air Fryer Teriyaki Chicken Legs. As we head into another week being at home, frugal meals are a go-to and these Teriyaki Chicken Legs are the perfect choice for that.  It’s as easy as making a homemade sauce with pantry items. Plus, I love buying chicken legs or drumsticks because they are so inexpensive! Can you cook frozen chicken legs in the Air Fryer? If you use frozen chicken legs, they will take longer to cook closer to 40 minutes.  I’d suggest thawing them first, if you thaw them first it should only take about 25 minutes to cook in the air fryer.  In the case of air fryer teriyaki chicken legs, it’s…

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  • Asian Air Fryer Chicken Recipes (Gluten-Free)

    January 8, 2020Kristy

    Enjoy these Asian Air Fryer Chicken Recipes, that will make you think you are eating it straight from a restaurant.  One of the first things most people try out in the air fryer is Air Fryer Chicken Wings.  I’m not sure what it is about chicken wings but as soon as anyone gets an air fryer, I always hear that the first recipe they try is air fryer chicken wings. I won’t knock it either, they are amazing, so amazing that we usually buy a bag of chicken wings every week just to cook in our air fryer too.  Did you know though that you can actually make some delicious meals with Air Fryer Chicken? I mean full meals just like you would get at…

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  • 20 Minute Air Fryer Chicken Wings

    October 20, 2019Kristy

    Get ready for a tasty dinner with these 20 Minute Air Fryer Chicken Wings!   I would say that one of the most popular air fryer chicken recipes to make is air fryer wings.  Would you agree? When we first received our air fryer, that was the first thing my husband wanted to try.  It did take us a little bit to figure out and get used to, but now we make chicken wings quite a bit in the air fryer. How many wings can you cook in an air fryer? This is going to vary quite a bit based on the size of your air fryer.  I used drummettes and a 4-quart air fryer basket, fitting 6 in the basket.  I did 2 batches of…

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  • Air Fryer Barbecue Chicken Nuggets (Gluten-Free)

    October 14, 2019Kristy

      Make your favorite take-out at home with Air Fryer Barbecue Chicken Nuggets, which are easy to make gluten-free too with just a few ingredients!  We all know that you can buy a bag of frozen chicken nuggets or chicken chunks at the store that is coated with delicious barbecue sauce, right? They even carry them at most of the deli areas of the grocery store too ready to eat.  They are so yummy, but what happens when you are gluten-free? You can’t eat them! Of course, many of us just want to make them from scratch to have control over what ingredients are in them too.  I decided to adapt my Gluten-Free Air Fried Chicken to make these AMAZING Air Fryer Barbecue Chicken Nuggets…

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  • Air Fryer Mongolian Chicken (Gluten-Free)

    September 26, 2019Kristy

    Make a great take-out style meal at home with Air Fryer Mongolian Chicken!  Of course, I have to say that Air Fryer Mongolian Beef is one of my all-time favorites, but this Air Fryer Mongolian Chicken is a great option if you prefer chicken over beef. I’m trying to mix up my meals and have less red meat at times and more chicken or fish, which can sometimes be a challenge.  The kids in my house prefer beef over chicken but when I make chicken in the air fryer, they love it! Good thing that I love making it in the air fryer too.  I use my Ninja Foodi using the Air Fryer function for this meal, but it’s a great way to make it…

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