• Easy Air Fryer Hawaiian Chicken

    September 17, 2020Kristy

    Make a great dinner with this Easy Air Fryer Hawaiian Chicken, easy to make gluten-free too! Making a variety of saucy chicken in the air fryer has become a go-to for our meals during the week.  It’s so easy to make the chicken in the air fryer and coat it with your favorite sauce, one of our favorites is Honey Garlic Chicken but now we are enjoying this tasty recipe too!  Tips for Making Air Fryer Hawaiian Chicken: Air Fryer Hawaiian Chicken is best made with boneless, skinless chicken thighs, these do not dry out as chicken breast does.  It really helps maintain the flavor.  The first thing you will want to do is cut the chicken into chunks and then coat them with cornstarch. …

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  • Air Fryer Chicken and Broccoli (Gluten-Free)

    September 7, 2020Kristy

    Make this easy Air Fryer Chicken and Broccoli in 25 minutes, it’s gluten-free and low-carb too! It can be served over cauliflower rice too. This may be one of my favorite go-to air fryer recipes, Air Fryer Chicken and Broccoli.  It’s ready to eat in just 25 minutes and it’s SO EASY to make low-carb and gluten-free too. First, if you want this to be low-carb, be sure to top it over Cauliflower Rice.  My kids even loved this one and that says a lot too.  I’m one of those people that really does not like raw or steamed broccoli, but if it’s air-fried…I love it!  I need it to be a little crispy in order for me to really want to eat it. What…

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  • Air Fryer Everything Chicken Drumsticks

    August 17, 2020Kristy

    Make a frugal, fast meal with these Air Fryer Everything Chicken Drumsticks! As we head into the back to school season, quick meals during the week become a MUST!  It really does not get any easier or tastier than these Air Fryer Everything Chicken Drumsticks. This air fryer chicken recipe only uses TWO ingredients, plus some olive oil cooking spray, which is perfect to always have on hand when using an air fryer. What do you need for Air Fryer Everything Chicken Drumsticks? Everything Seasoning Chicken Drumsticks (Chicken Legs) This is ALL you need, but I also like to use olive oil cooking spray to keep the chicken moist, so that is optional but something that works well when using the air fryer too. What…

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  • Air Fryer Chicken Drumsticks with Vegetables

    July 23, 2020Kristy

    Make an all-in-one meal with these Air Fryer Chicken Drumsticks with Vegetables.  They are lightly seasoned with rosemary and perfectly crispy and delicious.  One of my absolute favorite frugal meals is this Sheet Pan Rosemary Chicken, it’s so quick and easy to make, perfect for a weeknight.    Of course, I had to adapt it to make it into these Air Fryer Chicken Drumsticks with Vegetables, this is also easy to make in the Ninja Foodi too!  If you made this in a traditional air fryer, then you’d likely have the chicken and vegetables all in the basket together. So this is all made in one dish, if you do this in the Ninja Foodi, you can use the wire rack and put the vegetables on…

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  • Easy Air Fryer Chicken Tenders (Gluten-Free)

    July 9, 2020Kristy

    Make the best Gluten-Free Air Fryer Chicken Tenders in just 12 minutes with simple ingredients! It’s no secret that I love my air fryer and it’s just made even better when you get the right chicken to cook in the air fryer.  Have you ever cooked chicken in the air fryer? I think it’s one of the most common foods to use in the air fryer, immediately many people think of chicken wings; however, I have found that chicken tenders and chicken nuggets are just as tasty! Can you stack chicken in the air fryer? No, do not stack chicken in the air fryer.  It will not fully cook this way and the breading would stick or fall off.  It’s best to lay the chicken…

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