• Easy Air Fryer Chicken Tenders (Gluten-Free)

    July 9, 2020Kristy

    Make the best Gluten-Free Air Fryer Chicken Tenders in just 12 minutes with simple ingredients! It’s no secret that I love my air fryer and it’s just made even better when you get the right chicken to cook in the air fryer.  Have you ever cooked chicken in the air fryer? I think it’s one of the most common foods to use in the air fryer, immediately many people think of chicken wings; however, I have found that chicken tenders and chicken nuggets are just as tasty! Can you stack chicken in the air fryer? No, do not stack chicken in the air fryer.  It will not fully cook this way and the breading would stick or fall off.  It’s best to lay the chicken…

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  • Easy Air Fryer Turkey Legs

    June 25, 2020Kristy

    Easy Air Fryer Turkey Legs are so delicious and perfect to make in the air fryer! Something about the fall, I suppose it’s the fair makes me immediately think of Turkey Legs. I LOVE Turkey Legs…but I HATE going to the fair.  That means I can do them at home with air fryer turkey legs. Now, if it was a small little country fair, I could handle that.  I just can’t handle so many people all in one little place, so I’ll pass.  Good thing though, I can make them at home with these Easy Air Fryer Turkey Legs! These turkey legs are a perfect choice and they are so easy to make in your air fryer. How do you make Air Fryer Turkey Legs?…

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  • Air Fryer Cheesy Beef Enchiladas

    June 22, 2020Kristy

    These Air Fryer Cheesy Beef Enchiladas are a great way to enjoy dinner tonight! A few months back now, I whipped up these fabulous Air Fryer Cheesy Beef Enchiladas. The best part being that I was able to use Gluten Free Tortillas to make them gluten free too.  That’s right, they can easily be Gluten Free Air Fryer Cheesy Beef Enchiladas too. I’ve mentioned many times that I just love our Air Fryer. If you are looking to buy one, be sure to check out this post on how to choose the right air fryer first! Our air fryer is honestly getting to the point I am going to have to purchase a new one.  I have used it THAT much! I love to warm…

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  • Air Fryer Stuffed Peppers

    May 11, 2020Kristy

    Make a delicious dinner in the Air Fryer with Air Fryer Stuffed Peppers! Stuffed Peppers are a favorite in our household, especially during the summer.  Why? Because our garden is full of fresh bell peppers, perfect for making stuffed peppers. If you prefer to make these in the oven, be sure to check out this post on How to Make Stuffed Peppers. Air Fryer Stuffed Peppers They are even easier to make when you make these Air Fryer Stuffed Peppers in minutes in the air fryer. During the summer months, I try to utilize as many meals as possible with fresh produce, do you? Our garden is just starting to produce some tasty produce, which led me to these Air Fryer Stuffed Peppers. We have…

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  • Air Fryer Bratwurst and Vegetables

    April 13, 2020Kristy

    Make a delicious dinner using the Air Fryer with these Air Fryer Bratwurst and Vegetables. Each new recipe I try in the Air Fryer quickly becomes the new favorite. I thought that Honey Garlic Chicken was my favorite, but I think these Air Fryer Bratwurst and Vegetables are certainly at the top of the favorite list too. Air Fryer Bratwurst and Vegetables My husband loves bratwurst, so when I saw them on sale for $1.50, I knew that I needed to load up on those.  I mean really, you can’t beat meat for $1.50. I picked up a package, but I really had not had a chance to use them yet.  Then, when I started using the Air Fryer, I quickly decided that we needed…

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