• Air Fryer Cheesy Beef Enchiladas

    November 29, 2020Kristy

    These Air Fryer Cheesy Beef Enchiladas are a great way to enjoy dinner tonight! A few months back now, I whipped up these fabulous Air Fryer Cheesy Beef Enchiladas. The best part being that I was able to use Gluten Free Tortillas to make them gluten free too.  That’s right, they can easily be Gluten Free Air Fryer Cheesy Beef Enchiladas too. I’ve mentioned many times that I just love our Air Fryer. If you are looking to buy one, be sure to check out this post on how to choose the right air fryer first! Our air fryer is honestly getting to the point I am going to have to purchase a new one.  I have used it THAT much! I love to warm…

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  • Air Fryer Seasoned Pretzels (Gluten-Free)

    November 27, 2020Kristy

    Take your pretzels to a new level with these Air Fryer Seasoned Pretzels! One of my FAVORITE snacks is Seasoned Pretzels, they are perfect for any party.  Actually, we make them for almost every party.  The only downside is that you use a lot of oil to make them…that is until I tried these Air Fryer Seasoned Pretzels! These can be ready to serve in just about 8 minutes or less!  This is not a recipe that you want to just leave sitting in the air fryer, you will want to stay near it and do a little bit of starting and stopping to spray the pretzels with olive oil spray.  That’s going to be a must! How do you make Air Fryer Seasoned Pretzels?…

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  • Air Fryer Green Beans and Potatoes

    November 24, 2020Kristy

    Pair these Air Fryer Green Beans and Potatoes with some tasty steak or chicken for dinner! Sometimes just a good plate of tasty vegetables makes for a delicious dinner.  I can easily make some seasoned chicken or steak and pair it with fresh vegetables and dinner is ready in minutes! One side dish I love to make are these Air Fryer Green Beans and Potatoes.  These are extremely simple to make with just a few quick ingredients.  I like to use olive oil cooking spray, garlic salt, potatoes, green beans, and a little bit of shredded bacon. The bacon is optional, but we love the flavor it gives to the vegetables. That’s all you need!  My kids even love these too, which says a lot…

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  • Easy Air Fryer Ham

    November 19, 2020Kristy

    Make a very easy ham with this Air Fryer Ham, it’s naturally gluten-free and simple to make! As we head into the holidays, most of us are having much smaller holiday dinners and this Air Fryer Ham is the perfect way to do it with a small ham. Air Fried Ham is so simple to make and only takes about 30 minutes.  It can be glazed with your choice of glaze.  We decided to just coat it with some brown sugar. Tips for Making Air Fryer Ham: If you are using the glaze that comes with the ham or your own, it may be best to put foil or parchment under the ham.  If you do this, but be sure there is still room on…

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  • Easy Air Fryer Turkey Breast (Ninja Foodi Recipe)

    November 16, 2020Kristy

    Get ready to enjoy a great dinner with Easy Air Fryer Turkey Breast, it can also be made in the Ninja Foodi too! We all know the holidays are coming, but not all of us need enough turkey and ham to feed 20 people, right? Growing up, my family always had a very small dinner, it was usually just our family of 4 plus my grandparents.  That means we had 6 people and did not really need dinner for 15-20.  Let’s just face it and say that leftovers do get old after a while, even when they are from Thanksgiving dinner.  That’s what led me to test out this Ninja Foodi Turkey Breast, which can also be Air Fryer Turkey Breast.  It’s the perfect size…

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